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Welcome to the Signia Financial Group Investments page. At Signia we offer you the information and assistance you need no matter where you are along your investment journey. Whether you are new to investing and require guidance and direction or a seasoned investor who only needs an aggressive and conscientious broker to ensure best execution we are ready to assist you.

We have a team of experienced advisors who will assist you in maintaining a balanced portfolio by understanding your unique situation and risk tolerance aided by a wide range of investment options including mutual funds, common stock and government bonds.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss how our advisors can assist you in reaching your goal, or read up on any of our products and services below.


Of all the investment instruments the concept of stock investment is often shrouded in mystery. Part of the reason for this is the fact that many several terms such as stock, shares and equity investment are often used interchangeably to describe the same concept. At the basic level stock is a unit of ownership in a publicly traded entity. 

Stock investing is considered to be an aggressive investment since the price of the company can fluctuate over time based on multiple factors including company performance and the economy. Because of this fluctuation, investing in stock tends to be more suited to those who have a longer term horizon in which to invest their funds or individuals of high net worth. In spite of this fact several studies have shown that Stock investment provides the best returns in the long term of any investment type.

Signia Financial is one of the leading stockbrokers on the local market in terms of trading activity. We are known in the industry as the place to go to receive excellent customer service and efficient execution of your transactions.

In addition to trading on our local market we offer you the ability to invest on the Trinidad and Tobago and the Jamaica Stock exchanges in a hassle free manner through our regional partners.

For a list of the companies available to you please check out the exchange websites listed below.

Stock Exchange

Website address

Barbados Stock Exchange

Jamaica Stock Exchange

Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange


In Barbados the government is the main issuer of bonds. These Bonds are purchased from the Central Bank and are primarily held to maturity. What many individuals do not know is that this does not have to be the case. With Signia as your registered broker, a bondholder can gain access to their funds prior to maturity or an investor can gain access to a government issue which they may have missed out upon initially.

This is facilitated through the secondary bond market provided by the Barbados Stock Exchange where such bonds are given visibility. Through Signia, interested sellers can place their bonds for sale either in whole or in part while similarly allow prospective purchasers to bid for any previously issued bond.

It should be noted that this is a fluid process and a trade will only occur once a buyer and seller agree on a price. The price at which the transaction is executed is influenced heavily by the prevailing conditions in the market including the state of the economy and the prevailing rate of current bonds being issued.

Once the trade has begun we will assist in its settlement and the submission of any necessary information to the Central Bank to facilitate the transfer of ownership.

Mutual Funds

Thinking of purchasing Mutual funds? Well Signia is the best partner to helping you make the right decision.  We are agents for all of the mutual funds available to the Barbadian public offering you a one stop shop for your mutual fund investments. With Signia you can:

  • Objectively compare performance choose any fund  thereby assisting you the investor to make informed decisions
  • Choose to invest in a single or multiple funds
  • Complete the appropriate application forms and provide support documentation
  • Make the payment for your investment
  • Sit back and relax because Signia will handle the rest on your behalf.

Best of all this service is provided at no cost to you the investor.

Why not give one of our investment professionals a call to start developing your mutual fund portfolio; or for information on investing in any of the above

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