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We know you have a lot of questions when it comes to investing your hard-earned money. Our deposits team at SigniaGlobe will always be here to provide you with answers and solutions to your unique investment needs.

 How do I open a deposit account with SigniaGlobe Financial?

 Well, it’s simple, all you need is to book an appointment and supply the following if you are employed or pensioner:

  • Job Letter/Proof of pension
  • Two months recent payslip/Bank statement
  • Two forms of government issued identification
  • Proof of address
  • Evidence of origin of funds

For company or self employed individual

  • Certificate of registration
  • 3 years audited financial / 6 months to a year bank statement
  • Two forms of identification for all signatories or directors
  • Proof of address for all signatories or directors
  • Company By Laws (where applicable)
  • Evidence of origin of funds



Are they any immediate benefits to starting a deposit account with SigniaGlobe Financial?

Of course there are immediate benefits! There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing your money grow; and the utilisation of either our term deposit or call account facilities can aid you in reaching that goal. A term deposit, a one time lumpsum deposit which is held for 1 to 5 years can be the perfect tool to help you reach that long term goal of travel to a dream destination; marriage or college savings for your kids. The call account on the other hand, is more flexible as it accepts monthly deposits and allows for withdrawals. This is perfect for those more short-term goals like car insurance, school fees and such.

What are the limits to a deposit account with SigniaGlobe Financial?

We currently have no maximum deposit limit for Term Deposits, however the minimum is $2,500.00 and $250.00 for Call Accounts.

What happens to the interest generated in a deposit account with SigniaGlobe Financial?

Interest calculated per annum on the term deposit is paid out to the customer:

  • Monthly ( for pensioners & select companies only)
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-annually
  • Annually
  • The interest can also be added to the deposit at maturity, thereby increasing the principal for the new term.

Can I add or withdraw cash from my SigniaGlobe Financial deposit account?

You may add to a term deposit at maturity. In order for us to facilitate a transaction such as this during the lifespan of the deposit, would require its closure and re-opening.  A call account is more flexible as it allows for frequent deposits (monthly) and up to two withdrawals per month.

Are they any penalties associated with a SigniaGlobe Financial deposit account?

There are no penalties for the call account however, a term deposit which is closed before maturity incurs a penalty at the rate of 1:00%. This penalty is given at the discretion of the CEO.

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