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Welcome to the Online Loan Application Pre-Approval

This form will take ~10 minutes to complete.

Please ensure you have the following details to hand :-

  • Recent Job Letter
  • Two Months Pay Slips (Monthly = 2; Bi-Mthly = 4 & Weekly =8)
  • Two Forms of Valid Barbados ID (Barbados Identification Card, Passport or Driver's License)
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Proof of Home Address (No older than 3 mths & must be either a Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement or Utility Bill in the person's name)
  • Statements for all Saving Accounts held under their name with the Bank/Credit Union
  • Statements for all outstanding Liabilities - (HP A/C, Loans, Credit Cards)
  • Pro-Forma Invoice (If New Vehicle)
  • Letter of Sale (If used)
  • Valuation of Vehicle (If Used)
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