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Our rates fluctuate depending on market conditions.  When funds are received to your attention we will notify you via email.  We will settle the BDS equivalent according to your instructions.  You also have the option of opening a BDS or USD Call Account  with SigniaGlobe Financial.

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How we facilitate sales?

  1. USD funds can be wired to SigniaGlobe’s Citi Bank account from you or directly from your customers.
  2. You will be notified of all funds received on your behalf
  3. BDS equivalent can be settled 1) cheque 2) wire transfer to local commercial bank 3) SigniaGlobe Call Account
  4. Documentation will be wired to you for your records.

Our fees are; BBD $75 for a wire and BBD $15 for a draft.

How we facilitate purchases?

  1. You will submit invoices totaling requested USD amount.
  2. Invoices should be accompanied by a cheque or wire transfer  for the full BDS value of the transaction.
  3. Once documentation is received before 10am your supplier will receive funds the same day.  After 10am wires are processed next business day.
  4. When confirmation has been received from beneficiary bank, confirmation will be emailed to you for your records

Should you have any further queries feel free to email our Foreign Exchange Team HERE. 

You can also contact us via our SiggyChat on our website.

We look forward to welcoming you to our FX family.

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