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Corporate Loan Requirements

General Information to be provided:

  1. Corporate Application form and FATCA form
  2. Brief description of the company
  3. Brief Bio/Resume for each Director or Business owner
  4. Last 3 years Financial Statements
  5. Last 3 months bank statements (12 months in the absence of Financial Statements)
  6. Contracts in-hand- if applicable
  7. 2 forms of valid Government-issued photo identification (ID Card, Driver’s License, Passport) for each Director or Business owner
  8. Proof of address for each Director or Business owner (utility bill, credit card statement, Bank or Credit Union statement issued within the last three months)
  9. Proof of address for the business (utility bill, credit card statement, Bank or Credit Union statement issued within the last three months)

Additional Information for Registered Businesses

  1. Certificate of Registration
  2. Copy of Application for Registration
  3. Completed Personal Statement of Affairs
  4. Banker’s Reference for Business Owner

Additional Information for Incorporated entities:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Articles of Incorporation
  3. Request for Name Reservation
  4. Notice of Address
  5. Notice of Directors
  6. Notice of Secretary if applicable
  7. Signed By-Laws
  8. Copies of Share Certificates if applicable

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Supporting documentation for:

  1. Vehicle Loans:
  1. Invoice or Letter of Sale
  2. Valuation of the vehicle if purchasing a used vehicle
  3. Insurance quotation
  4. Vehicle inspection and full data search (lien check, insurance and licensing details, insurance claims) if purchasing from an individual, company or car dealer not on our approved list
  1. Vehicle Leases:
  1. VAT Inclusive Proforma Invoice
  2. Insurance quotation
  1. Property Purchases (Land or Land and Building)
  1. Valuation, at least one year old, of the property from one of our approved appraisers
  2. Offer and Acceptance Letter between the Vendor and Purchaser
  3. Draft Sale Agreement- if available
  4. Attorney who will act on borrower’s behalf
  1. Alternative Energy Loan
  1. Solar PV proposal from Renewal Energy Installer
  2. Insurance company with whom the system will be insured
  1. Equipment Loan
  1. Invoices/estimates for equipment to be purchased
  2. Valuation where applicable
  1. Working Capital Loan
  1. Invoices/estimates for inventory
  2. Rental agreements to show rent deposit or rental arrears
  3. Estimate of wages to be paid
  4. Cash Flow Projections
  1. Insurance Premium Financing
  1. Insurance quotation
  1. Debt Consolidation Loans
  1. Statements to support outstanding balances (loans, credit cards, hire purchase contracts)

Security Used to Back Loans:

One or more items from the below list can be used as collateral:

  1. Bill of Sale on Vehicle or Equipment
  2. Lease Agreement on vehicle
  3. Hypothecation of Fixed Deposit
  4. Cash Surrender value of life insurance policy
  5. Marketable securities (Stocks-50% of market value, Bonds-75%, Mutual Funds-75%)
  6. Mortgage on property (65% of market value)
  7. Debenture over fixed and floating assets of the company
  8. Enhanced Credit Guarantee Scheme administered by the Central Bank
  9. Joint and Several Personal Guarantee supported by Personal Statement of Affairs

Loan Fees:

  1. Application Fee- $350 for amounts below $70,000 and ½ of 1% for values above
  2. For Bills of Sale- $6.00 per $1,000 for Stamp Duty and $10 for Registration
  3. Legal Fees (if applicable)- to be determined by Attorneys on both sides and are for the borrower’s account
  4. Vehicle inspection and full data search if applicable- depends on what is required (maximum $300 for both services)
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