2022 SigniaGlobe Financial Junior Masquerade Project

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2022 SigniaGlobe Financial Junior Masquerade Project

SigniaGlobe Financial Inc. has been committed to aiding in the consistent development of the nation’s youth and driving community development. Therefore, when presented by the National Cultural Foundation, with the opportunity to be at the helm of the 2022 Junior Masquerade Project, SigniaGlobe Financial not only jumped on board we went full in as title sponsors. The opportunity to assist with furthering the art form of costume making and wire bending, coupled with cultivating that early love for our culture was not going to pass us by.

Partnering with the National Cultural Foundation we helped Primary and Secondary schools and community groups across Barbados marry the traditional need-to-know skills such as measurements, eye-hand coordination and teamwork with the specialities steeped in our culture such as conceptualizing and crafting. Additionally, the children were introduced to the possibilities for earning a meaningful living from a craft that is all of our Culture. While this costume-making programme develops youth via training in creative thinking and artistic expression it has also nurtured the life skills these coming generations will benefit from. These are some reasons we were so enthusiastic about the SigniaGlobe Financial Junior Masquerade Project. Fostering Non-traditional art through cultural, and community activities and youth development always has been and will continue to be a venture we will support. And from all indications, the children had lots of fun!!!

Photos of the finished work of the 2022 SigniaGlobe Financial Inc. Junior Masquerade Project are in this folder.

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