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SigniaGlobe’s 1st Gear is here to help you take that first leap towards

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⮚ The SigniaGlobe 1st Gear product is for our would-be first-time vehicle owners.
⮚ The SigniaGlobe 1st Gear Booklet will also help you navigate the 'bumps and twists' when it comes to owning and taking care of your first vehicle
⮚ The SigniaGlobe 1st Gear booklet is filled with valuable information, tips and tricks, along with coupons and discounts to help you meet your vehicle in tip-top condition


1st Gear Partners

Shine Automotive Inc. - We specialize in total vehicle care ranging from a "basic wash" to 
consultancy. We aim to provide this range of services at economical rates while maintaining our high-quality output throughout. Offering 10% OFF Roadside Auto Emergency Kits & 20% OFF Savings Club Membership
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Blueprint Auto Workz – B.A.W - We are a vibrant automotive repair shop that stands apart and  
above by providing affordable, yet innovative and customizable services. Offering 50% OFF your Vehicle  Analysis Reports and 50% OFF your Diagnostic Readings done with our new Diagnostic Launch Tool. PLUS 20% OFF your first visit for mechanical repairs.
IG @blueprintautodetailerz

Automotive Art - Automotive Art is the Caribbean's largest auto care retailer, with franchises in 9 countries and representation in 25 countries across the Caribbean and Latin America. Offering Car Care Buckets which have a retail value of over $100!
IG @automotiveart

SOL (Barbados) Ltd. -The Sol Group supplies fuels, lubricants, and LPG through an extensive service station network and supplies petroleum-based products to commercial customers who are involved in shipping, luxury boating, aviation, mining, trucking and fleet operations. Offering 5000 More Miles points (the equivalent of $50).
IG @solstorebarbados

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