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Healthy Lifestyles - School Outreach Programme

In keeping with its 2016 resolution to change lives, one step at a time, Signia Financial brought its healthy lifestyle initiative/promotion to the community. Recognizing the importance of the youth’s involvement, eleven primary schools, one from each parish, were selected to be included in the programme.

In collaboration with Mr. Roger Boyce and his team of personal trainers and fitness professionals, a series of presentations were made to the students, touching on topics such as the definition of healthy foods and their effects on the body, as well as the importance of exercise.

The presenters did a fantastic job of engaging the students, with several of them getting involved in the discussions. The response from students was very enthusiastic and at times wildly amusing. Each visit was attended by a small fraction of Signia’s staff who helped with the distribution of fruit and water, intended to get the children off to a healthy start. The experience was enjoyable for all involved and will hopefully prompt the students to make smart choices in relation to their health

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